Pixar perfect again in colorful 'Inside Out'

June 30, 2015

 Courtesy Rotten Tomatoes

Sadness, left, voiced by Phyllis Smith, Fear, top, voiced Bill Hader, Anger, bottom, voiced by Lewis Black, Disgust, voiced by Mindy Kaling and Joy, right, voiced by Amy Poehler in 'Inside Out.' 


If you’re looking for an instant classic, look no further, once again Pixar has delivered with their new movie “Inside Out.”  


Raking in $34.2 million its opening weekend, “Inside Out” is one to be reckoned with in box office sales. 


Featuring the voice talents of Amy Poehler as Joy, Mindy Kaling as Disgust, Phyllis Smith as Sadness, Bill Hader as Fear and Lewis Black as Anger, the cast is nothing short of great. 


Director Peter Hans does an amazing job in letting the audience get in touch with their most inner emotions. 


The movie takes place inside of the head of a young girl named Riley. 


Everything is fine in Riley’s life until her parents decide to make the move from her calm life in her Minnesota home, to the hectic and brand new life in San Francisco. 


As her emotions struggle for control over Riley and try to decide how to react to the changes in her life, things get crazy. 


This wonderful, heartfelt film will have you glued to your seat with its spectacular graphics and jaw dropping visual effects, especially if viewed in 3D. 


The picture is nearly perfect, with colors and sights painting the screen, all that you would expect from a Pixar film and more. 


This film will fill you up with a childlike sense of wonder that will have you asking why you had to grow up. 

Being that this is an animated film, it is perfect for audiences of all ages to watch and enjoy.  


The film has its sad and happy moments, but in the end the most important part of this movie is the sense of togetherness that “Inside Out” brings. 


With that being said, this an excellent movie for you to go out and see with the family, with giggles for the kids and situations for mom and dad to relate to and laugh at as well. 


This Pixar film is sure to please. 


For those that can’t see the movie in 3D don’t worry, the film is just as great. And you will still get what you paid for in amazingly stunning visuals and amazing picture quality. 


If you’re looking for a film to watch this weekend that will bring joy into your life and maybe remember what it’s like to grow up, take this film into consideration. Who knows you might just get see what life is like from the inside out. 


I give Inside Out 4 out of 5 stars.


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