Kona Grill satisfies

June 16, 2015

The relatively new, upscale restaurant, Kona Grill,  seems to offer everything from sushi to steak.


This makes it the perfect place for both vegetarians and meat eaters that also enjoy fresh ingredients and rich flavors. 

Located on the bottom level at the Fountains at Farah shopping center, Kona Grill is mostly known for its variety of sushi that can attract all sushi lovers to the table, with the option of sashimi, traditional rolls and kona rolls that include all the ingredients for a great meal.  


 The service was good overall, considering the restaurants size and location, and the servers were friendly and timely mannered, which makes the experience run along smoothly.


Victoria Balderrama / tejano tribune

Big Kahuna Cheeseburger is served at Kona Grill, located at the Fountains at Farah.


The sushi bar would be the perfect table setting for someone who wants to see their food being prepared and can also socialize with the sushi chef. 

The food seems to leave a good impression with all customers, both  because of the taste and also because the plate almost looks like art. Plates like the Big Kahuna Cheeseburger, the Las Vegas Roll and the Basil Pesto Linguine show the chef’s dedication to every single plate.

Sitting at a table near the open kitchen is entertaining and proves that you don’t have to be home to watch a great performance by a group of chefs. 


The atmosphere of Kona Grill is inviting and relaxing, with a wide range of music playing while you’re seated either inside, where you have the opportunity to watch your food being prepared, or outside on the patio in the summer air while drinking one of Kona Grill’s famous cocktails.

The restaurant's décor gives off a sense of warmth and comfort with mainly rich woods in the inside interior that make customers feel less tense. 


The experience was very different compared to other popular restaurants where the food is pricey and your time spent there is as normal as any other meal out.  

Victoria Balderrama / tejano tribune

Basil Pesto Linguine dish at Kona Grill restaurant.


So if you are looking for a place to go out during the weekend, Kona Grill is a great place to have a laid back meal with some friends and family enjoying the food and each other’s company.  

The thing that stood out the most at Kona Grill was the constant attention from the staff, you simply have to sit down and enjoy every bite of a skillfully made meal. 

Without hesitation, I would return to this restaurant for its great service, delicious food and the good vibes that make your worries go away..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


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