'Jurassic World' thrills viewers

June 16, 2015

With a record breaking $208.8 million at the North American box office in it’s opening weekend, “Jurassic World” had the biggest opening weekend in movie history, raking in $511 million worldwide. 

Directed by Colin Trevorrow, whose only other feature is the low budget indie flick “Safety Not Guaranteed,” this fourth installment in the dinosaur franchise relies on bombastic action-filled spectacle with only the occasional hint of charm.

Sure, originality is scarce when the drama of the franchise can essentially be boiled down to people running away from ferocious, blood thirsty dinosaurs, but “Jurassic World” fails to deliver the same fearful allure as the original in 1993. 


  Courtesy rotten tomatoes
Owen, played by Chris Pratt, attempts to save park-goers in Jurassic World.


Twenty years after the failure of the first park, Isla Nebular is now a sprawling amusement park with every 21st century tech improvement you can think of.

The new park, headed by assets manager Claire (played by Bryce Dallas Howard), has spliced together DNA to create a new dinosaur; all in hopes of raising a sinking attendance rate. As you would expect, the multi-million dollar housing facility fails to contain the massive Indominus Rex and all hysteria breaks out.

Owen (played by Chris Pratt), an ex-Navy SEAL and animal trainer, must help Claire rescue the park and save the 20,000 visitors from premature extinction. 

“Jurassic World” rests heavily on its impressive 3D beasts which lunge and roar to the action-lover’s content. Trevorrow directs sweeping chase and heart-rousing fight scenes but leaves Owen and Claire dry and one-dimensional.

Owen offers brief comic relief on occasion, but ultimately is a watered down hunk whose gun is almost as small as his character arc. Yet, “Jurassic World” does not try to be more than it is: a popcorn thriller with IMAX worthy brawn and flashes of wit.

The movie carries a smirk of self-awareness as Claire preposterously runs through jungle, field, and the debris-ridden amusement park in her high heels, which miraculously stay intact.

Claire and Owen’s chemistry maybe far fetched, but the movie embraces each absurdity and pokes a laugh out of the audience, or a plea for the next ravenous dinosaur to emerge and ignite more chaos. 

4 out of 5 stars. 


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