Cavs, Warriors both 'come out to play' in NBA Finals

June 16, 2015



Guest Column


By Gustavo Casas


It’s that time of the year again: the NBA Finals are in full swing. Whether you’re going for the Golden State Warriors and their golden boy Stephen Curry or for the Cleveland Cavaliers and their hometown hero LeBron James, one thing’s certain: the Finals have been legendary. 


With that being said, the Warriors have obviously made an excellent effort so far against the Cavs, I mean, it was only a matter of time before the Warriors made it to the Finals. 


Now that they’ve made it this far with an impressive season under their belt, including 67 conference wins, the Warriors now lead the series 3-2 as of Sunday. If you’ve been keeping up with the Finals from home, you’ve probably noticed that things are getting intense, including the first time in NBA Finals history that game one and game two went into overtime. 


I believe anything is possible and the best team will always rise to the top. The question then becomes who wants it more and who deserves it.


On one hand you have LeBron James with his experience and then you have Curry with his immaculate long range shots. When you have a team with as much heart and dedication as the Golden State Warriors and with the perseverance and skill as the Cavs, anything is possible. 


One thing to take into question is the amount of rest each team is getting. In order for these players to play at the top of their game rest is absolutely needed. 


With only a day in between most games, the toll the road takes on these players has been evident.


Especially when you have players dropping left and right with injuries and, in the Cav’s player Matthew Dellavedova's case, extreme dehydration. 


In the spirit of fairness and equality, I definitely believe that it would be best for the people of both teams to get the right amount of rest. 


As the fight to the finish progresses and the finals conclude, both the Warriors and the Cavaliers have truly put on a show.


I believe that the Warriors will prevail and win the series, but whoever you’re pulling for to win the title, you can’t deny that the Finals are the ultimate test of will and hustle.




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