Womens' rights and Mayweather don't mix

May 5, 2015


Views from Vega


By Elizabeth Vega


Although he is a great boxer, Floyd Mayweather is a pretty crummy person. 


Those who donned “Money Team” attire for what was the underwhelming “fight of the century” last Saturday against Manny Pacquiao may have left with a couple extra bucks in their pockets, but Mayweather is not at all the ideal guy to root for. 


I am in no way a boxing expert and I will gladly admit that I can only name three other boxers beside Mayweather and Pacquiao, but I was really questioning if people who jumped on the Mayweather bandwagon know about his life outside of boxing.


I’m not talking about his rough upbringing, but rather his record of domestic violence. 


Sure, there are many legit "Money Team" fans that root for his boxing skills, but for others, the background of an athlete doesn’t get looked into much.


And yes, it was only a boxing match and some might think not rooting for a person based on their character may be overthinking the sport.


But with the amount of hype those 12 rounds got, why did Mayweather’s past seemed so hush-hush? 


I couldn’t help but think if those who Instagrammed and tweeted their Mayweather support know that he has had at least seven assaults against five women that resulted in his arrest or a citation.


He was charged with two counts of domestic battery in 2001 when he allegedly hit the mother of one of his children in the face with a car door and then continued to punch her several times in the face. 


He also pleaded guilty to a count of misdemeanor battery in another case in 2002.


He took the plea agreement and got a suspended six-month jail sentence and was fined $3,000 and was slapped on the wrist with 48 hours of community service and two days of house arrest. 


In 2003, he attacked two women in a Las Vegas nightclub and was found guilty on two counts of domestic battery.


His latest assault came in 2010 when he attacked the mother of three of his children at her home.


His oldest son called the cops and again he took a plea deal to domestic assault and served two months of his 90-day sentence. 


However, when Mayweather is questioned about his past, he has said that there are no pictures and just hearsay allegations, showing little remorse. 


In a sports world where domestic violence took over NFL headlines last year (think Ray Rice) and where domestic violence awareness is being implemented, why do we forget about Mayweather?


What I find even more disgusting is that Mayweather is paid to punch and those same million-dollar fists are the ones that hit women. 


Mayweather was named Forbes highest-paid sportsman in the world and Saturday night he took home $180 million.


If this man was really sorry, he could donate some of the millions he is swimming in to domestic violence awareness groups and education. 


For those who rooted for Floyd, to each their own, but it is really hard to be against domestic violence and a fan of Mayweather.

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