'While We're Young' delights

May 5, 2015


 By Shaun Valdez


From quirky to fun, “While We’re Young” is sure to deliver to aging hipster audiences near and far. 


Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts star in this heart-warming indie flick, directed by Noah Bombach.


Stiller stars as Josh, a 40-something documentary filmmaker that has been working on his last film for several years.



Courtesy Rotten Tomatoes

Ben Stiller and Noemi Watts in While We are Young. A story of a childless couple in their midforties

who befriend young hipsters.



He is waiting to find out if he will receive a grant to fund another year of work while struggling to stay relevant. 


Watts plays his wife, Cordelia.  Josh and Cordelia are surrounded by friends who are having kids and embracing their new roles in life, while they’re unable to conceive and are learning to cope with the idea that they’re no longer spring chickens. 


Characters Jamie and Darby, played by Adam Driver and Amanda Seyfried, come into play.


Jamie is an aspiring filmmaker taking the film course that Josh teaches when they first meet.


Jamie and Darby are young, bohemian and cool, and the breath of fresh air that Josh and Cordelia didn’t know they were looking for.


Jaime idolizes Josh and turns to him for guidance with his film making and in turn, Jamie serves as the model of hip for Josh.  


Darby creates unconventional homemade ice cream and serves as Cordelia’s coolness guru but also gives her the opportunity to be a mother figure to Darby.  


As the movie progresses, you start to get the feeling that Jamie and Josh’s meeting isn’t as coincidental as we thought.


We also discover that Jamie isn’t as genuine as he lets on. 


The first hint is when Jaime meets Cordelia’s father, Leslie Breitbart, a famous documentarian. Suddenly, Josh isn’t the center of Jamie’s attention. 


Meanwhile, Josh begins to unravel the web of lies that Jamie has been feeding him to create this larger than life persona. 


Josh’s paranoia and determination to expose the truth about Jamie begins to take a toll on his relationship with Cordelia. 


Meanwhile, Jamie’s marriage to Darby disintegrates as a result of his reckless search for fame. 


Needless to say, “While We’re Young” is somewhat of an eye opener in the fact that things don’t always turn out how we want or expect.  


This film is a comforting reminder that getting older isn’t always that bad or uncool. 


 I give “While We’re Young” 3 out of 5 stars.  

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