Tilted Kilt disappoints

May 5, 2015


By Tess Clark 


I have been extremely excited for months now with the tease of a Tilted Kilt here in my hometown.


I experienced The Kilt, and their phenomenal Black & Bleu burger in San Antonio about a year ago.


I have been raving about it ever since. 




Courtesy Tilted Kilt

Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery, located at 1501 N. Zaragoza, opened on April 27.




My family and I decided to beat the dinner rush and head over on opening day at about 4:45 p.m. We were greeted with a bubbly smile and sat at a booth right away. 


After this high note, things took a turn for the worse.


We were approached by a manager 25 minutes after being seated to see if we had been helped.


We hadn’t even had our drink orders taken.


One waitress came by, took our drink orders and another brought our drinks. 


A heartfelt apology was given that the waitress that was originally handling our section had been cut for the day and no one knew our booth had been sat, even though both of the aforementioned waitresses had walked past us several times.


We placed our order with our newly assigned waitress and she repeated it back to us, verbatim.


Everything sounded perfect, just as we had ordered it down to the detail. 


I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth in to the juiciness of the medium-rare blue cheese burger that I had ordered.


My children were excited they got to ‘build’ their own pizza.


My husband was justifiably worried about the steak he had ordered at ‘market price.’


I have worked in food service industry before, so I understand the trials and tribulations of opening day, especially at the dinner rush.


I noted the line of waitresses looking lost, waiting for their chance to put their orders in on the system they weren’t all familiar with just yet. 


I also noted several servers standing around and chatting, as opposed to refilling customers drinks or clearing an empty plate off of a table. 


I took note of at least four different apparent managers, who seemed nearly as lost as their servers. Overwhelmed, perhaps? 


These are things that can be fixed with time.


I was hoping to give them the benefit of doubt but 35 minutes after ordering, my husband received his wilted caesar salad, served by none other than the bubbly hostess that sat us close to an hour before.


Two minutes later, our cold food was served.


Two lukewarm Black and Bleu Burgers, softened and not warm what-so-ever fries, two flat bread pizzas which were not what had been ordered, and a steak that surprisingly received no complaints, was finally delivered.


 The burgers were not juicy as I remembered and they had not been cooked medium rare as requested.


The patties tasted like those bought at Wal-Mart for a limited budget birthday party. 


They were gray and were cooked with no seasoning.


The bleu cheese that I had remembered dripping out of the burger and into the pores of the meat, was in a small pile on the center of the hamburger patty, and not nearly enough to taste in every bite. 


I didn’t really even touch my fries.


The one pizza that was made to order, ended up being two pizzas with absolutely no direction followed.


We had still received no refills. 


I stopped eating my burger so that I could use it as an example when I spoke to management.


A manager just so happened to appear in the area, checking with other tables. 


He apparently attempted to walk straight past ours, but I caught his attention.


He shook my hand and asked about our service.


To which I divulged everything you have read thus far.


No apologies given, no fix was offered. 


The manager kindly reminded us that it was their opening day and they had a few kinks they needed to work out.




Something must have been said to our waitress, because she became overly attentive immediately after that. 


From flirting with my children, to offering another flatbread pizza when I clearly only asked for a refill on my drink. 


I pre-bussed our plates directly in front of her and she left them to retrieve our check.


Perhaps they have the same rules as Twin Peaks, where the waitresses are not required to do any side work, but that doesn’t mean the customers should have to either.


We received our checks, and the pizza that we never ordered was still attached.


I waited another 30 minutes to have it removed and pay our correct bill. 


The manager never came back to the table to check on the service or the meal as he stated he would. 


As I said, I understand it was opening night at a brand new restaurant. 


However, I think it would have been beneficial for Tilted Kilt to take a page out of Twin Peaks’ playbook and bring in some girls from out of town, who are familiar with the menu, the computer/ordering system, the table layout, and the dinner rush.


I was not impressed tonight. 


I am not even sure I want to try Tilted Kilt again, even after the newness wears off.

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