Jenner bowing out of spotlight is good

April 28, 2015



Views from Vega


By Elizabeth Vega


Although I am not one of the many that religiously keep up with the Kardashians, Bruce Jenner was the one person I actually did not mind keeping tabs on. 


From what I saw on the tell-all interview to end all tell-alls, Bruce Jenner identifying himself as a woman to Diane Sawyer was a huge move for the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender (LGBT) community. 


Although to me, making an even bigger impact would be for Bruce to keep shying away from the Kardashian image.


For over eight years and 10 seasons, millions have watched the Kardashians rise to fame by doing next-to-nothing, save for Kendall Jenner. 


While the Kardashian-Jenner clan doned designer everything, Bruce was always to be found in his typical golfing attire, often seen rolling his eyes at the girls remarks or throwing his hands up in defeat as he retreated to his garage. 


What the Kardashians rely on, and what keep so many views hooked on their show, are the antics and drama that the family showcases over the 44 minutes of air time.


The Kardashians are not the model American family.


They are dysfunctional and crave attention through sex appeal.


Jenner’s not-so-surprising reveal will only benefit the Kardashians and feed their fame. 


Even though all of the Kardashians have not spoken about their dad’s transition until the interview, and even if they deem it as their dad’s business, the juiciness of the story and Bruce’s relationship to the clan will still be relevant to them. 


What Bruce has done though, leaving the spotlight and slowly keeping his air time on the show to a minimum, has helped him greatly and will benefit the LGBT community more than sticking with the Kardashians ever will. 


Jenner has been called brave, yes, and his accomplishments should be on being an Olympian, not a reality television star. 


Attempted suicides rates among the transgender community is 41 percent.


Those who are living as transgender often suffer from depression and contemplate suicide, as did Jenner.


So relating someone who is often deemed in society as “dysfunctional” with a family that defines that name will not help. 


Jenner’s status as an gold medalist, one who pushed himself and represented America in the decathlon in 1976, is a more rewarding honor. 


Bruce Jenner has the opportunity to help many. 


One that transgenders would appreciate. 


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