Humanitarian Award to Mary Yanez

April 28, 2015


By Valeria Pizarro


EPCC’s own Mary Yañez will be honored in an upcoming Humanitarian Awards Banquet. Yañez is the director of the Adult Senior Program at EPCC.


The award started 20 years ago and is meant honor those who represent the ideals of community service, especially to senior citizens.


Project Amistad was founded in 1976 to aid those who didn’t have transportation to doctor appointments.





Fernie Garcia/ Tejano Tribune

Mary Yanez EPCC long time employee awarded the Humanitarian Award for her years of service.  





“Every year, we select three or four individuals or local organizations that represent that spirit of humanitarianism,” Roy Ortega, community relations manager at Project Amistad said.


“We’re very happy that this year Mary Yañez was voted by the Project Amistad board of directors as one of the recipients for the Humanitarian Award.” 


Yañez has been working with EPCC more than 35 years and often organizes, sets up and hosts college events.


“The reason we chose Mary Yañez was because when you look at all of the things that she has done in our community to provide opportunities, particularly for older citizens in our community, that is a very good example of that spirit of humanitarianism that we’re talking about. 


Mary has done a great deal,” Ortega said.


Mary Yañez said her focus is the community and betterment of lives in every way she can manage, from plays and entertainment to education to health fairs.


“You don’t do things in a community in isolation or by yourself,” she said.


“There are always a lot of people in different journeys and different paths of life working towards the same goal and that is to assist one another or organizations and volunteering.”


Project Amistad’s Annual Lucy G. Acosta Humanitarian Awards Banquet will be held at the Marriott Hotel on May 1. 


Tickets are $100 and the event is set to start at 6 p.m.


“Sometimes we don’t notice that we’re making an impact,” Yañez said. “But we are making an impact and that’s what’s remarkable about these kinds of awards. It’s important.”


Contact Roy Ortega at 915-532-3406 for tickets and information about corporate sponsorship.                


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