Angry Owl serves tasty food, lacks in service

April 28, 2015


By Laura Moriel


Angry Owl, a new restaurant located on the westside at 4799 N Mesa  El Paso, TX  79912, has been bringing many customers from around El Paso. 


It took over the spot where the Jaxon’s restaurant used to be.


The inside of the restaurant was spectacular. 




Rebecca Moriel/ Tejano Tribune

Angry Owl is a new resturaunt that has taken over the old Jaxon's location at 4799 N. Mesa. 




As I entered the restaurant, I was met by a nice bar surrounded with drinks and a few TVs surrounding the lobby. 


The restaurant had multiple levels.


The first floor consisted of the bar and lobby and the upstairs, which was fairly small, had a few more tables.


The waitress that served me was very kind.


She smiled and proceeded to show me to my seat upstairs. 


I was seated by the window, and enjoyed the view of the streets while eating my meal. 


The menu did not have much of a selection, but the food was delicious.


 The menu ranged from soups, quesadillas, steaks, salads and desserts. 


My father decided to order the Angry Owl Burger.


It was the most terrifying and spicy burger I had ever seen. 


This burger was about 5 ½ inches tall with two patties, filled with spicy cheese and stuffed with jalapenos.


I was afraid to eat the burger, so decided on ordering a soup. 


I selected the Chicken Tortilla Soup. 


The soup with chicken, avocado, a lot of red pepper and green sauce topped with strips of tortilla was delicious. 


Let me tell you it was one of the best soups I had ever eaten. 


That is when I realized how spicy my soup was.


No wonder the restaurant was called the Angry Owl, with all that spicy food who wouldn’t be angry? 


Overall the food was great and the service was ok, although I didn’t appreciate our other waiter. 


He did give good service, but was not that well in seeing how often to come check on our drinks.


My drink stayed empty after the first glass.


Usually, in other restaurants, the waiter or waitress will continually check up on you to see how you were doing and fill up your drinks. 


Angry Owl did not do a very good job on that aspect. 


The drinks were spectacular, the food was delicious, and the service was ok but not up to par. .


I would recommend this restaurant to others if they want a fairly cheap but good meal.


Overall I give this restaurant 4 out of 5 stars. 


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