Unfriended brings new concept

April 14, 2015



By Staci Gass


Unfriended is a new kind of horror film.


 It takes the use of social media and modern technology to a whole new level.


 Think for a moment, what would you do if a spirit from beyond could communicate through the computer and put you in direct harms way?  




Courtesy Rotten Tomatoes

The cast playing a game of "Never Have I Ever" during the film Unfriended with the spirit of Laura Burns.  New movie shot entirely on screen of a computer. 




The way the film was made was unique, relying strictly on the use of Skype and Facebook as it’s setting.  

With movies like Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity paving the way for this movie to be made, it brings in the curious.


Amatuer acting and high school teenage angst shines through as the basis of this horror film.


The movie takes on the cyber bullying issue as well.  


Laura Burns committed suicide after being bullied.


When her death anniversary rolls around, her spirit decides to play games with those who persecuted her when she was alive.


To say this film set new standards is easy, but it is still not blockbuster worthy, in my opinion.


The concept and execution of this film is well thought out and fresh. 


The delivery of the storyline, however, is predictable.


The film could have used a few more scream worthy moments and harsher effects.


 Not to say that it was a bad thing, but we tend to expect the over the top type effects in movies today. 


The personal interaction with the friends on screen provided humor and motives.


It just makes us older folks thankful there were no smartphones to chronicle the ridiculous antics of our youth.  


For a low budget film, it was a valid effort, I am just glad I didn’t pay the full price for it, thanks to the EPCC media department for giving students free passes. 


 I give this movie 3 out of 5 stars.  

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