In life, bad times make the good better

April 14, 2015



Guest Column


By Lauren Ramirez


The dream catcher is the eye opener to life. Its fulfillment captures our destiny to achieve and succeed the hope of becoming the true imagination of what life creates by making it a part of reality. 


 I have always believed that we were put on this earth to find true happiness and create a life we believe we deserve.


Through all the experiences we face, no one said it would ever be easy to journey through a fulfilling path along the way. 


Many challenges come so fast and quickly, it can sometimes knock us down really hard. Emotions run high and low when dealing with everyday experiences that go on within our lives.


Reality hits in moments when we feel stressed and uncertain of what seems to feel easy and normal.


 Dealing with school, work and personal frustrations causes so much chaos and tension for relationships and yourself.


We can’t deny how exhausting life can be but we can’t blame the hard times for making us stronger.


The “big picture” always becomes the motivation to make it come true and see the beauty of what life can hold.


When experiencing the moments of laughter, happiness and even hard work gives us the rush of more intensity.


Everyday something triggers our minds to try and portray a new adventure we can take on.


We witness and visualize what is calling us and try to figure out its meaning by searching for more than what we already seek. 


It doesn’t seem impossible to realize what our capabilities are when we face the negative challenges.


We may know the outcome and succeed in the actions that sometimes pull us down.


Our mistakes on the choices that will sometimes lead us to failure never denies our ability to ever seek the positive destinies. 


Who we are will only allow us to create our own happiness and encourage us to find ways of overcoming the hard times and heal what has been wounded. 


I cannot explain why life decides to create certain moments that we can’t obtain to understand.


As we face further in life, challenges and wise decisions come along the way. 


The future doesn’t define ambition; it’s the person you choose to be that decides how strong you will become along the bumpy ride.

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