Get Hard lacks laughs

April 7, 2015



By Elizabeth Vega


When Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart teamed up for Get Hard, the expectations for laughs were high. But my funny bone was disappointed. 


Get Hard centers on James King (Ferrell), a millionaire investment banker who is accused of fraud and sentenced to the infamous San Quentin prison.


He confides in Darnell Lewis (Hart), a man who King believes is a thug that can help teach him to survive the prison.




Courtesy Rotten

Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart star in Get Hard, which opened March 27. The movie is rated R.




Lewis is the furthest thing from a thug, and is actually struggling to buy a house so his daughter can go to a nicer school.


He works a car wash in the garage of King’s office building.


Staying true to almost any movie Ferrell is in, the crude humor is abundant and quickly seen. And what’s a Ferrell movie with a back shot of him in the nude, because of course, almost three minutes into the movie, there it is.


But there is only so many racist jokes, stereotypes and homosexual jokes in the book, and after it seemed like Get Hard hit them all, the hour and 40 minute movie dragged.  


Most of the movie lived on the “white guy” “black guy” humor, but for me, I did not laugh much. Granted, some of King’s naive acts were enjoyable to watch and one thing I did enjoy was the fact that Hart wasn’t yelling every single line that was expected to be funny.


But the movie shows a lot of what we already know about Ferrell and Hart, one will be nude and crying hysterically and the other will play on his height while talking so fast that sometimes you miss half of what he is saying. 


Get Hard is a movie for those who crave crude humor with a poorly written storyline. 


For everyone else, checking out Hart’s stand up comedy on Netflix will be a better, and cheaper, option. I give this movie 2 out of 5 stars.  

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