Church seat required to access freedom

April 7, 2015



Guest Column


 By Staci Gass


As part of our Constitution clearly states, there is to be separation of church and state.


Exact words are:  “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”  


Yet, politicians stand on the back of religious sects and make laws that take in consideration religious beliefs and practices.  


The Indiana fiasco is a prime example.


 Everyone should be entitled to their religious freedom, but it should not play a part in the political system.


 Whether you agree with what others do or not, we are human and deserve the same rights.


 This country has come far, but we are still not out of the water.


 Marriage of humans to humans should not be justified by gender.  


It should be a person’s right to marry who they want within the understanding it is consensual to both parties.


 The biblical definition should not be a factor in the political view.  


However, as a nation, Americans use the religion card often and state that laws should take that in consideration.


 If that is the case, then why haven’t we reworded what our forefathers set up?


 There is a clear line between government and religion, and it was put there by those who felt the persecution long ago.


 Can we not respect what they set forth?


 It almost seems like a slap in the face to those who fought in the Revolutionary War.


We are at a crossroads with the advancement of the world.


 We should be past the point where labels rule a person’s life and their religious affiliation automatically sets them into a different category.


 We all need to have the same basic rights protected under the law.


 There should be no reason why a person’s sexual preference or religious preference make a difference in basic human rights.


 Ignorance runs rampant and fear rules the day if you dare step out “against God”.  


For the record, I do believe in God, and Jesus for that matter, but I also know they preach love, not hate.  

It is just a shame that we have to take the “human” out of human rights and label and discriminate against them.


 If you look into a person’s eyes, can you not see their humanity?


Does the color of their skin or their affiliation disappear?  


We are all the same humans trying to make it in a world full of chaos.

 Why are we complicating it? 

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