Insurgent falls short

April 1, 2015


By Laura Chaidez


A movie for young adults set in a dystopian setting, Insurgent left those watching without having seen

the prequel, Divergent, confused and made pieces of the plot pointless.


Divergent is better recommended for the series fans.


At two hours, the length of the plot compared to the first movie was a little unsatisfying.



Courtesy Rotten Tomatoes

Theo James as Four and Shailene Woodley as Tris Prior in Insurgent.



Insurgent had both drama and action, but for a dystopian plot, the action was a little lacking.


There was shooting and running, which would be expected, but only few fight scenes.


As the plot unfolded, much of the information was given to the audience that explained a lot about the



It kept the audience on the edge of their seats, wondering what was happening.


Sadly, the movie ended on a cliffhanger leading straight into the ending of the series.


The acting was good and all the actors had good chemistry between each other.


Shailene Woodley gave one of her best performances, displaying all of the series protagonist

Tris Prior’s emotions correctly and pulling in the audience.


Woodley’s chemistry with Theo James, who played Tobias Eaton, was spectacular.


Their romance and problems were believable, including sacrifices made by both for each other.


This helped pull the plot along, and improved the movie greatly.


Another outstanding actor was Miles Teller who, as Peter, brought a lot to the movie.


His character and his acting skills, brought some comic relief and turns a character slightly disliked in the books, into a character that can eventually be loved in the movie.


Graphic effects were littered all around the movie, but not in an overwhelming way.


They added to the theme of the movie, and were a complete step up from Divergent.


The effects were realistic, and director Robert Schwentke definitely used it to his advantage.


The set stayed true to the book, with the destroyed buildings in the dystopian setting set apart from the

modern structures built by the inhabitants of the old city.


The movie took some factors from the book and brought them to life in a manner most book fans expected and gladly received.


Buildings fit the descriptions frand rose from imaginations to reality.


As for Divergent book fans, regrettably this adaptation has strayed away from the book and removed

some aspects of the story line.


Sadly,it has also been compared to the Hunger Games series various times, because of the same dystopian setting and government uprising.


I give this movie 3 stars, with a slightly lacking plot, but excellent acting and graphic effects.


I liked Insurgent, but not enough to watch it twice.


Hopefully the last movie, which is scheduled to be split into two parts, can step up the game.

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