Cirque Du Soleil wows El Paso

April 1, 2015


By Renee De Haro 


On Saturday, March 21, I had the pleasure to attend Cirque Du Soleil: Varekai and experience something amazing.


I also got the chance to meet a few performers, the woman in charge of public relations and

the physico of the Cirque.


Thanks to this interview, I got to watch the performers practice.




Courtesy Cirque Du Soleil

Tejano Tribune reporter Renee De Haro attended Cirque Du

Soleil: Varekai rehearsals before their show on March 21.




“During training, (for the show) the flyers always wear a harness but on stage they don’t,”

Vanessa Napoli, who is the public relations representative for the cirque, said.


“The goal of this is to rehearse it so many times that you create muscle memory to a certain extent that

you don’t need the lassoer.”


While I was visiting, I got to witness a few of the performers practice jumping from swing to

swing for the last act.


During the rehearsals, one of the performers had missed a jump, while he was not wearing the harness,

and overshot his landing, nearly being in a terrible situation.


This happened during the show as well but instead of overshooting the landing, he miscalculated his

jump, as well as his partner.


In the Cirque, there are many people from around the world and the show has a traditional

way of getting new performers.


“People send in videos,” Napoli said.


“If we like them, then we will invite them to a live audition and then we will see them upclose and personal.”


As it turns out, those who are invited for a live audition are given two days to prepare and get used to

the choreography and new tricks.


However, if the performer has competed in or won dance competitions, they will be given a spot without an audition because of their background.


Those who are hopeful to join can audition as young as 18 years old stay in the Cirque until they are well into old age.


Cirque Du Soleil turns 31 this year and it turns out that El Paso was a last minute market.


While Cirque was here, tickets sold “amazingly” according to Vanessa Napoli, and the theme for each

show comes from “a lot of really crazy and imaginative people.”


The writer and director of Cirque Du Soleil: Varekai is the famous Dominic Champaign.


The idea of the show came from the Greek mythology story Icarus, but Varekai picks up where

Icarus is plummeting to his death after getting too close to the sun.


Cirque adds its own twist though, with Icarus living and having to learn how to use his legs and fall in



The creators believe that this would show a great story about struggle, picking yourself back up, the emotions you go through when you “fall down” and the process of rediscovery.


That was what Icarus went through in Cirque’s Varekai.


 Everything is told through acrobatics, dance and singing.


The main characters are Icarus, The Promise (who is the woman he falls in love with), the Guide and the Sky Watcher.


The acrobats feed off of the energy that the crowd gives, giving them even more energy than before.“I believe Cirque du Soleil is magical,” Napoli added.




Courtesy Cirque Du Soleil

Incarus (L) and the Promise durning Cirque Du Soleil: Varekai on March 21.




The singing throughout the entire show was absolutely beautiful and done by Craig Jennings.


To me, it brought the show to life and brought more magic to it.


Jennings has been with Cirque for 16 years and knows most songs by memory.


“It’s pretty awesome to get to go on stage and play character, which I really love the most,” Jennings said. “It’s what I trained to do in school and what I was wanted to do as a kid.”


From getting to learn about the show to actually seeing it has made my love for Cirque du Soleil

grow even more.


If you haven’t witnessed Cirque du Soleil in action with your own eyes, I recommend catching it next time.

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