Adult responsibilities shouldn't be child's play

March 24, 2015




Views from Vega


 By Elizabeth Vega



It’s ridiculous that something as avoidable as driving drunk is still taking lives. 


Recently, EPCC was the setting of Shattered Dreams, a project focused showing young adults the consequences of drinking and driving with a true-to life reenactment of a DUI crash scene.


In a heart-wrenching event, two of the actors who were portraying victims in Shattered Dreams lost

their brother when he was in an automobile accident shortly after the event.


 Not to mention one of the Shattered Dreams triage medical assitants responded to the real life tragedy.


The accused perpetrator was drunk.


 To my two fellow Tejanos, although I have only spoken to one of you once, my deepest condolences go out to you and your family. 


I cannot imagine the pain you are feeling and my heart is heavy for the both of you.


What is disgusting about it, is that El Paso is no stranger to DWI/DUI incidents.


 It’s a call to arms, El Paso needs to change. 


Men’s Health Magazine ranked the Drunkest Cities in America and El Paso was ranked 24th out of100 cities included.


We received a grade of ‘D.’


 I’m all for a good time, but with good times come great responsibilities, such as the lives of other people. 


If Budweiser cannot convince you enough with puppies to drink responsibly to make

it home to Man’s Best Friend, hopefully the thought of your actual twolegged best friend or your

mother would be enough. 


No mother should have to worry if her children will make it home.


 And although I still have two more years before I can legally enjoy some booze, I hope my 21st birthday plans will be 


celebrated responsibility enough so I can blow out my candles and experience year 22.


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