Walking Dead crawls through premiere

February 26, 2015


 By Michelle Rosado


The long-awaited second half of AMC’S The Walking Dead season five premiered Feb. 8. Along with the premier came some surprising moments.


The first episode brought foreshadowed images and an anti-climatic death. 


Warning: Spoilers from the comic ahead. 




 Photo Courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes.com

AMC's Walking Dead started it's 5th season on Feb. 8th. 




The episode opens with hazy images of Noah and Maggie crying and the group burying someone, presumably Beth (who was killed in the mid-season finale).


It then jumps to Rick, Michonne, Noah, Glenn and Tyreese finding the colony where Noah’s family was staying. However, instead of finding a safe haven they find it overrun by Walkers.


After a confrontation with the Walkers, the group splits up to salvage supplies. As Rick, Michonne and Glenn search a house they find souvenir New York Yankee gear. 


(Warning major spoiler!)


As they rummage through the house Glenn picks up the souvenir bat and holds it.


Which foreshadows how Glenn will ultimately be killed. Not only does the bat symbolize Glenn’s upcoming death but also throughout the episode there are signs of the next big villain. They are known in the comics as the Whisperers.


This new villain will be the absolute worse villain the group has dealt with. 


While Rick’s group looks for supplies Noah and Tyreese are left behind. Noah then goes looking for his family only to find his mother dead in their home.


Tyreese then searches the rooms and finds one of Noah’s brothers dead.


As he searches he doesn’t notice the other brother coming behind him until he is bit.


Then the episode turns into a frenzied mess filled with hallucinations of every major character that died.


What was intended to be an emotion driven scene ended up being a confusion filled sequence.


During the last moments of the episode Rick and Co. show up and amputate Tyreese’s arm. They then drive back to the rest of the group.


However, along the way, with another hallucination, Tyreese dies.


Which brings us back to the opening scene where the group is burying Tyreese.


With all the anticipation of the second half of The Walking Dead’s most well-written season, the premier fell short.


With the audience still getting over Beth dying, it was still too soon for another character death.


It seemed forced and extremely rushed and lacked the emotional bomb the writers were going for.


The cinematography of the episode, however, was extremely well done.


The Walking Dead is no stranger to flashbacks but, the flashbacks in this episode were done so well.


They relayed the delusional feeling that Tyreese must have felt as he fought to stay human.


The fevered shots of certain scenes gave the episode an extremely artistic feel.


Overall though, the episode fell short for what was expected.


It was weak compared to the mid-season finale.


The redeeming quality of the episode was the foreshadowed elements.


The show has been following the comics closely the past two seasons and if this new second half continues, Rick and the group are in for some rough times ahead.



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