Williams' scarlet letter not too fitting

February 19, 2015



Elizabeth Vega 


As an editor, I realize the importance of honest journalism. 


 For years, we listened to Brian Williams give the news reports and trusted him.  


Now, after all these years of being a perceived great newsman, we question his integrity.  


It only took one person to make us doubt.  


This bothers me to the core, for two reasons.  


First, it took over a decade for someone to speak up and say his report was false.


My first question is why did it take you so long to come out?


It would have been better to catch the  "false" statement it when it occurred.


Then the man who says Williams was lying is now not even really sure what the truth is on his part.  


Brian William’s job is on the line, for someone who is not positive of his own memory?  How is that fair, or even justifiable?  


 Secondly, that the media is having a frenzy over the so-called failure of a fellow journalist.


It would not be a far stretch to say that many of them may have small skeletons in their closets that the public could feed on for weeks or months. However, with one slip up, they pounce and judge this man. 


 Most people speak very highly of Williams, saying he has always been a nice fellow and an honest man.  


It just goes to show that people can be easily persuaded by a few news reports.


It's like feeding rats poison.


 The rats take the bait easily enough, and before they even realize it, they are dead.  


It is no wonder how factions like ISIS, and the Taliban have gained power over the years.


 They feed on the weak-minded.  


It is obvious that our live media outlets tend to do the same.


 We can give a man 15 minutes of fame for saying something ridiculous, but we can’t grant a man of honesty, doubt?


 Does anyone else see the problem here?


Brian Williams has been a great reporter, and to have one discretionary mark on his years of service, should be held with a grain of salt.


We are so quick to judge a person’s character by one small infraction, yet, overlook years of good things. 


 We should be taking a hard look at ourselves before casting a stone.


No one is innocent all the time.  


If we were we wouldn’t need forgiveness. Give this a month, Williams, it will pass.   

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