Results of drive 'generous'

February 19, 2015


 By Alex Maldonado and Valeria Pizarro


On Feb. 16, The Humanitarian Outreach Committee of the Professional Staff Association (PSA) at El Paso Community College (EPCC) presented the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department over 130 coats and articles of clothing donated by EPCC employees in their Keeping El Paso Community Warm Coat Drive.


 The Sheriff’s Department will distribute the clothing to those in need throughout El Paso County.

The drive started in January and concluded Feb. 11.


Grateful for the “generous” donations, Carmen Wages, EPCC Administrator and PSA Humanitarians Outreach Fund member, said numbers looked good in their goal of 100 coats after the El Paso Sheriff’s Department told the PSA there was a need for them.


Photo Courtesy of Fernando Garcia / Tejano Tribune

Sheriff's department member speaking to  news about the coat drive.



“We’re doing this to help people,” Wages said.


“Under the PSA Humanitarians, that’s what we do, we’re trying to help our community.


”This was the second charity donation the group held since its establishment two years ago, the first event being their “Be Warm” campaign in December 2014 where they collected blankets for the community. 


Out of a total of 205 blankets were collected, 85 came from the PSA Humanitarians’ drive. Sparked by her desire to “help the community,” Wages was inspired to coordinate this coat drive and bring more aid against the cold of El Paso’s winter to those in need.


The turnout for the event was smaller than December’s blanket drive, as the scale for this event was limited to the EPCC community and its supporters. 


Since its first day, Wages said the coat drive received around 50 articles of winter clothing such as coats, heavy jackets, vests, glider jackets, hooded jackets, hoodies, sweaters, pullovers and even sleeping bags. 


In regards to the possibility of more charity drives, Wages urged the community to be on the look-out for items and articles of clothing they could donate. 


“If people can keep an eye out for blankets and warm jackets when they go on sale maybe they can buy for us for next year.”


EPCC’s PSA is also planning a shoe drive and hope to make the coat and blanket drives annual events.


For more information on the EPCC PSA Humanitarian Outreach Committee, contact Carman Wages at (915) 831-6348.



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