Fifty Shades brings on the blush

February 19, 2015




 By Victoria Acosta


Do chains and whips excite you?   


WOW! This is one question that I never thought I would be writing or asking.


To say the least, I really, really did enjoy Fifty Shades of Grey.



Courtesy of Rotten

Ana (Dakota Johnson) and Christian (Jamie Dornan) starring in 50 Shades of Grey. 



Although there were a few minor errors from the book to movie adaption, I wouldn’t mind watching again. 


The erotic love story, based on the popular novel written by E. L. James, about how a single man wants a virginal young woman dominated in bed isn’t usually my kind of movie, but I gave it chance to see what was the big deal about some guy named Christian Grey.  


But first, the plot: Christian Grey is a CEO at his own company of GREY enterprises who, by chance, meets Anastasia Steele, a young college senior who is about to graduate, for an interview. During the interview, she finds herself intrigued by this mysterious man.


Grey is physically attracted to Steele and must have her, so he actively pursues her, but not to be his girlfriend.  


He wants Anastasia to be his submissive in a BDSM relationship.


Does she accept or does she refuse? 


Dakota Johnson, who plays the innocent, virginal Anastasia Steele, was quite charming and adorable throughout the film.


I loved her comedic timing and when she did her “sexy voice,” it didn’t seem like she tried too hard, which was pleasurable.   


Now Jamie Dornan, on the other hand, wasn’t so great. 


Don’t get me wrong, he is amazing to look at, that was something I have no problem admitting, but his acting was mediocre. 


He just didn’t deliver the Christian Grey I heard about.  


Nonetheless, I loved the cinematography in this movie. 


The views over the city in Seattle were breathtaking and popped right out of the screen.


The sex is hot! Slowly Dakota and Jamie start taking of their clothes, then the Beyoncé music begins. 


I'll leave the rest to you. 


Fifty Shades isn’t the best film I have ever seen but was quite enjoyable and if you ever decide to enter Mr. Greys world of chains, whips and ropes, I dare you.  


I give this movie 4 out of 5 stars.


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