Fall Out Boy's new album is all grown up

February 19, 2015


 By Michelle Rosado


Fall Out Boy seems to be falling from their roots and stepping into the new age. 

American Beauty/American Psycho was released on Jan. 16. 


Those who were disappointed by Fall Out Boy’s Save Rock and Roll will find little satisfaction in the band’s newest album. 


Fall Out Boy has left their iconic punk sound for a more modern indie-alt rock sound. 



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American Beauty/American Psycho cover



However, unlike Save Rock and Roll, Fall Out Boy has taken new risks with the sound of American Beauty/American Psycho. 


The album is filled with a fusion of bold brass sounds and dark electronic rock sounds. 


The first single off the album, Uma Thurman, pays homage to Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill series. The main riff closely imitates the feel of Kill Bill’s original score yet with a slightly darker edge to it. 


The next single was Immortals, which was the featured song for Disney’s Big Hero 6. 


Immortals is one of the stronger tracks on the album. It is Fall Out Boys newest anthem.


The weakest track is The Kids Aren’t Alright. It is randomly placed in the album and doesn’t seem to fit with the initial feel. 


The strongest track is Favorite Record. It builds a nice musical story that has a gradual build until it all comes together for an explosive musical interlude. 


American Beauty/American Psycho is unlike Fall Out Boy’s past albums. It has shied away from songs that are solely led by hard guitar leads for favor of synthesizer driven melodies.


Fall Out Boy has also stepped away from the hard punk beats for pop rock driven beats. 


Despite the change in the initial sound, the vocals have gotten better. The harmonies have gotten tighter and more precise. 


Unlike Save Rock and Roll, the vocals are cleaner which makes it easier to understand what lead singer Patrick Stump is saying. 


The album is not only filled with a dance/rock fusion it also has traditional oriental themes that are speckled throughout the album. 


Put all these elements together and Fall Out Boy creates an interesting experimental album.


Despite the initial differences, American Beauty/American Psycho is an enjoyable ride.


Fall Out boy has not lost their initial charm. 


Their evolution, though not for everyone, has been a refreshing change from the band’s original sound. 


Fall Out Boy is no longer only punk, but instead has matured with their audience and have a new edgy sound. 


Fall Out Boy’s American Beauty/ American Psycho is proof that change isn’t always a negative.







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