Staying close to my comfort zone

February 12, 2015






Elizabeth Vega




Growing up, I was always told “don’t bite the hand that feeds you.”


My father always used the idiom in the most literal sense when he would feed our family dogs, but

as I was trying to figure out what degree to pursue, I had to consider what hand I was eating out of.


I will be the editor of the Tejano Tribune for the spring semester.


It will be my last semester at EPCC before receiving my associate degree in mass communication.


I never pictured myself in the position I’m in, partly because when I graduated from high school almost two years ago, I thought I was finished with journalism for good.


But I never knew exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, so I always gravitated back towards journalism.


It was a bed of roses after being pricked by a couple of thorns when I tried my hand at psychology

classes with the intent of switching my major. 


I wa fascinated by the way humans

were programmed, but I figured that was it with psychology, and the

thought of having another person’s emotions and mental state on my shoulders freaked me out.


So back to journalism I went.


I felt it was something I knew how to do, and as harsh as the field is, it always seemed to be a little

more gentle with me.


It fed me.


I started writing for the Tribune as a requirement for service hours last semester.


I went in with the mindset that I was going to knock out my 15 required hours fast and then

never set foot in the newsroom again, until I had to the next semester for my other required hours.


I wanted to focus on my classes and bring my GPA up.


Then I found myself in the newsroom at two in the morning on a school night, helping the previous

editor and layout editor get the paper out.


Soon, I was approached to take over the paper for the spring semester.


After four “no, thank you’s,” I caved in.


So now for the next few months, I will be in the campus newsroom where I said I wouldn’t

be for long.


As much as I may deny it, I think I enjoy the pressure. 


I like being in control and producin something I will be proud of. 


It is my first time being in a position of this magnitude, so I ask our readers to please excuse

any errors that may have slipped by myself, and I encourage you all to see how much myself,

my awesome layout editor Staci and our reporters grow throughout each issue.


Here’s to not biting the hand that feeds me, but hoping I don’t starve.


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