Project Almanac: time travel fun

February 12, 2015

Project Almanac / Rotten Tomatoes

Friends experience time travel in Paramount Picture's Project Almanac






Luis Perez



Move over Back to the Future, Project Almanac is here.


Paramount Picture’s newest movie, Project Almanac, is as good as any movie gets.


The plot of the story kept me entertained from start to finish.


Time travel movies may seem cliché but if you change one or two things it can be a good movie.


One thing I love is the fact that I can make a connection with the main characters of the film.


A lot of movies tend to overplay or underplay the interaction that teenagers have these days, but this film does a great job of portraying it.


Project Almanac does keep the one thing every time travel movie should have, the theory that if one messes around in the past, the whole future could change drastically.


When things start to happen in the movie, it just felt natural.


My props go out to director Dean Israelite for making this a found footage film.


It made me feel as if I was right inside the movie.


Every good time travel movie needs to mention time travel rule 101, go and kill Adolph Hitler.


There is a lot to like about this movie.


It has two or three errors, but it’s a time travel movie, nothing is ever consistent, it not supposed to be.


People need not to compare it to other time travel movies and give Project Almanac the chance it deserves.


I would recommend this movie to anyone. It really is that good of a movie.


If you’re a fan of time travel movies or found footage films this is a must watch movie.


Project Almanac will make you want to go out and build your own time machine.


I give this film 3 out 5 stars


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