Art show kicks off 38th Spring Festival

February 12, 2015

SHAUN VALDEZ / Tejano Tribune

Faculty/Staff art exhibit at the ASC building on Viscount.




Tess Clark



As part of the 38th Annual EPCC Spring Arts Festival, the Faculty/Staff Art Exhibition will conclude its “artist talks” tomorrow, Feb. 12, at 1 p.m. at the EPCC Administrative Services Building.


The closing ceremony will also be tomorrow at 6 p.m. at the ASC.


The closing ceremony has always yielded the largest crowds, in part due to the fact that it is a catered event with a cash bar for alcoholic drinks.


“Previous years have turned out really well,” Sarelah Aguilar, Assistant Professor for the art department said.


“We had about 300 people come in for the closing reception. 

We can’t really count how many people come in before then but it’s been a really good

turn out.”


During the artist's discussions, they are scheduled to talk a little bit about the work that they do, their style, the materials used in their pieces and then focus more on the actual pieces that are being presented for the exhibit.


“We’ve had a faculty show every year since the ASC opened,” said EPCC art instructor Don Cowan.


“It’s strictly the art department who can be in the show, you must be associated in some way with the art department.


For the most part most of the faculty show at least one piece.


"Since we don’t have a formal gallery we have to rely on the general public that happens to be going through the ASC. We just hope that people at least stop and look.”


Everyone is invited to attend the event.


Admission is free, though certain selected pieces shown during the exhibit will be for sale, but that is up to the specific artist’s discretion.


Showing three of his own pieces at the show, EPCC art instructor Frank Rimbach said the space used for the show at the ASC gets “pretty filled,” and the show is a good way to show technique and styles for students and the public.


“It [art exhibit] benefits the community,students, professors and anybody going to the ASC,” Rimbach said.


“The idea is to show what the professors are working on so students can see the quality, the skill and the ideas that the professors are working with.


“I think you get some really nice, fine art from this that is nontraditional, much more contemporary and possibly modern. 


I’m not sure you get that so much from even the fine-art museum here.”


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