There's no right or wrong, only purpose

December 3, 2014


A Different Perspective


Jesús A. Rodríguez



Winning an argument doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re right. 


It alsodoesn’t mean that you’re wrong.


What if there’s noright or wrong?


We all have a different moral life style. 


Some people get their morality from a religion or god. 


Others define what’s right and what’s wrong from reason.


At the end of the day, no matter what you believe in, we are the ones who define the morals of our lives with our brain. 


We have free will.


In basic terms, there’s no right and wrong, we only give purpose to everything.


We’re so arrogant that we don’t want to admit that we’re trivial. 


We give meaning – purpose – to things such as life, love and happiness.


We give meaning to every single thing that we perceive. 


Morality is a creation of humans; it’s a response from us so we don’t feel insignificant.


We’re selfish.


The principle that drives our doings is the principle of survival as a species.


Think about all your thoughts and how you put them into action, even subconsciously,

in real life;if you really think about it deeply, you’ll realize that everything that we do

comes from the basic human instinct of survival.


We don’t kill because we created a law so we don’t get killed. 


We want money because it gives us food and commodities.


We wantto have children because we want the human race to continue roaming the



Every single action ofhuman beings comes fromthe idea of survival.


You will probably say that things that bring joy to our lives don’t come from our survival instinct, but several studies show that happiness makes you live longer.


I could argue that you want to be happy in order to have lengthier life.


The creation of ethics is a natural reaction from our survival instinct.


Is acting according tonature right or wrong?


When a lion kills a zebra

we don’t say that whatthe lion is doing is wrong.


We say it’s their nature.


When a human kill an animalwe say that it’s wrong,unethical, immoral, bad,



Why is it that when ahuman kills a cockroachnobody is freaking out?


Why is it that nobody is

protesting because youkill microorganisms everytime you wash your hands?


Who decided that killing adog is wrong and killing aninsect is OK?


We did.


That’s one example,but it’s enough to illustrate my point about the fact that we’re the ones who give purpose to things that in reality are insignificant to the universe.


I know for sure that you’re going to keep acting according to your survival instinct and you’re probably not going to go and kill off everyone because I convinced you that life is meaningless; I’m just trying to give you, as always, a different perspective.


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