Let me tell you something about the f-word

December 3, 2014


Guest Column

Viridiana Villa


Every time I have the unfortunate fate of bumping into a girl pulling out a feminist card as she shows off her accomplishments but later on bashes women for having an open sexuality or choosing to be a housewife instead of a CEO, makes me lose my faith in humanity.



Real girls do this, real women are like that. Excuse me? Are you a hologram or a product of my imagination? If the answer is no, congrats! You are a real person.


I recall a time in class where a professor asked who was a feminist and no one raised their hand. Why does this happen? The misconception of the word is probably one of the biggest conflicts in the social spectrum these days (Thank you feminazis).


Dear false feminists, using the word feminism just for your own empowerment and self-righteousness is not the way it works. 


Feminism doesn’t grant the power to diminish another person based on their life choices. Not all feminists are leaders or “independent strong women that don’t need a man.” Some of them are full-time mothers, school drop outs, strippers and a lot of them are men; yes, dudes can be feminists too. Therefore, feminism is not and should never be an excuse to display animosity towards men.

Hating on the opposite sex, or excluding women simply because their life choices don't fit your definition of dignity don't make you a feminist; this bigotry only makes you a sexist and a horrible person.


Feminism is all about equality. The word itself might sound a bit favorable for women, but let’s cut the closed minded perspective: words only work in context.


Avoid embarrassing yourself claiming that you believe in equality of all humans and you prefer to call yourself “humanist.” Come on! Misuse of words like that one will not make a difference – exercising equality values and educating future generations will.


I once heard a news anchor say this after a report of a first woman involved in (insert political accomplishment here): “The true achievement will be when these events stop being newsworthy.”

It’s kind of sad that we are still being amazed that women are getting big roles in society. What does your sexual identity has to do with taking a leading role in society?


It’s cool that you are breaking the stereotype of the 50s by doing things the amazing ladies from the second wave of feminism fought for, but honey, this is not a comparison game; this is the era of the results reflected in congruent ideas and actions.


We shouldn’t care if that girl on Instagram posts selfies showing her body or if the girl next door is an erotic dancer. We shouldn’t mind if a woman lives in a culture that accepts polygamy or if a girl sleeps with a different guy every weekend. Honestly, no oneshould give a damn as long as they are choosing to live that lifestyle and they’re happy with it.


I don’t speak for all women, and neither do you. Feminism is not about jumping in the we-know what’s-best-for-you train. Feminism is about choice and freedom. It’s about putting aside what sexual organ, gender identity or sexual lifestyle someone has in order to generate a perspective about them or giving them a chance to have a valid opinion; that’s what the word is about.

Everyone matters in feminism. Unless you are a hologram, of course.

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