The Evil Within makes horror survive

November 12, 2014


John Frederick


The Evil Within is a love letter to fans tired of action-packed survival horror videogames. Shinji Mikami, the creator, has brought back the genre of videogames that he defined nearly two decades ago.


The tale starts with detective Sebastian Castellano and his partners responding to an emergency call from a hospital.


When they get to the scene, they witness the ghoulish slaughter of fellow officers, hospital staff and patients.


Bizarre and disturbing creatures appear frequently to torment Sebastian, even in unique boss battles.


The pacing of the game is near perfect due to the majority of sections of the game being based on stealth and exploration.


Other moments engage you with frantic enemy encounters with limited resources on hand and sets the mood for the game. 


Gameplay has retained some of the creator’s past successes like the Resident Evil series.

Ammo is a precious resource.


Aiming for effective head shots is strongly suggested and melee attacks are only used defensively if enemies get too close.


Once enemies are down, the opportunity arises for you to dispatch them permanently by lighting them on fire with matches; making sure they don’t reanimate. 


Hiding can vastly improve your odds of survival.


Bottles and bricks can be used to lure enemies away from necessary areas.


Every enemy encounter gives a sense that it’s possible to overcome overwhelming odds.


 New and unusual monsters make periodic appearances with shocking entrances.


Beating the 15-plus hour game will give you a variety of new options, including a one-hit death game mode to test your skills in combat and new weapons that are not seen in the standard single player mode.


The Evil Within is a stunning masterpiece made by the man who introduced the genre to many players.


Those fans out there who worry about this being another action game soaked in blood should set their worries aside.


With tense pacing, stunning atmosphere, and terrifying enemies it will become a story that you will not soon forget.


I would give The Evil Within 4 out of 5 stars.






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