Librarian creates Ebola informational website

November 12, 2014

Evelyn Gallegos / Tejano Tribune

Rio Grande Campus Librarian, Kristen Sanchez launched Ebola webpage on EPCC website.



Evelyn Gallegos



In response to the Ebola breakout in the United States, a resource website has been created by EPCC Rio Grande librarian Gale Sanchez to inform the El Paso community about the virus. 


The website was launched on Oct. 30. Ebola is a deadly virus in which those infected suffer from fever, internal bleeding, bruising and headaches.


The outbreak started in West Africa and the first case in the United States was reported in Dallas in September.  


“Our campus is the health campus,” Sanchez said.


“Our dean, Dr. Mitchell, has been sending out information since the beginning of the semester for faculty to better inform their students about what’s going on and the precautions and guidelines recommended about the virus.”


Instead of students receiving multiple e-mails with information about Ebola, Sanchez said the idea was to compile the information and place it in one website that students can have at their fingertips.


Students can find facts about Ebola and links to the World Health Organization (WHO), MedLine Plus, Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and the National Library of Medicine and about Ebola cases around the world on the website.


The Rio Grande campus has health disciplines, and Sanchez said students may be future first responders if an outbreak of a virus, such as Ebola, was to occur in El Paso. 


“They’ll be the ones that will have contact for the most part,” Sanchez said. “I wanted them to have a place where they can get information, because if a situation arises, the best thing you could do is inform yourself.”


Some teachers at the Rio Grande campus have been including Ebola in their assignments for students that will be graduating in a health discipline, Sanchez said. 


“Teachers want them to have the knowledge they need so that while they are out in the field they are prepared,” Sanchez said.


“It helps alleviate your fears and be able to better care for your patients and for yourself as a health professional.” 


The information comes directly from national and international health agencies and is updated automatically. Readers are guaranteed current content.


The page can be accessed through the following link


Anyone who wants to contribute information on Ebola is welcome to submit to the website by contacting Gale Sanchez at the Rio Grande library or by e-mail at



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