How to truly make America the land of the free

November 12, 2014


A Different Perspective 


Jesús A. Rodríguez



America’s core values are freedom, opportunity and equality.


My definition of freedom is simple: as long as I do something that doesn’t hurt somebody else I should be able to do it.


I think liberty could bring more opportunity and equality than everything else.


The Netherlands has freedom, the UK has freedom, Canada has freedom, Australia has freedom and Japan has freedom; dozens of others countries have freedom – many of them more than America.


Yet, many people claim that we’re in the land of freedom.


In this country there’s prohibition of this, banning of that, you can’t do that, people saying what’s not right and at the end of the day, it’s all a mess.


I hate how the government assumes that they know what’s best for us.


For example, I think there is a fundamental flaw with democracy; it benefits the majority, not individuals.


Democracy, supposedly, is used to make a decision that will “benefit” the majority of people and by effect ignore the needs of minority groups. Majority doesn’t equal right.


Each person has to make those decisions for themselves. 


If you let the government or anyone else tell you what’s best for you, or even worse, if you let them control your personal life, you’re not completely free.


I’m not saying we should live in anarchy.


I’m saying that the government should be out of the way as much as possible and there should be more individual freedom.


Democracy could be much better with more liberty.


In the past, the majority of people wanted slaves. Yes, slaves benefited the majority, but the slaves, who were the minority in this case, didn’t like to be servants.


It’s an extreme example, but it applies to any other social issue in the world, you name it.


If the majority believes that drugs should be illegal, it doesn’t mean that the minority shouldn’t be able to consume them.


If the majority believes that same-sex marriage should be prohibited, it doesn’t mean that the minority shouldn’t be able to marry.


If the majority believes that something should be banned, it doesn’t mean that the majority shouldn’t be able to see it, read it or hear it. 


Imagine if the government regulated your behavior by making a law telling you that you should go to church every Sunday because the majority of people are Christians.


A lot of people wouldn’t like that. 


What we all have in common is that we don’t know what’s best for others and that’s why I think more people should embrace liberty. 


Yes, taking care of the majority is helping a big group of people, but with more freedom an even larger group of individuals will be benefitted.

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