A flavor experience from the Mediterranean

November 12, 2014


Karina Rodarte 



Driving down N. Mesa St., it’s easy to miss certain establishments.


This can definitely be said for the small but quaint Mediterranean restaurant known as Salma Farah’s.


Upon arrival, the restaurant didn't seem like much but the inside was a completely different story. 



The dining area's off-set purple walls and open floor plan gave an inviting atmosphere while the friendly server took  us to our table. 

We were seated and we viewed our menus as the server prepared our drinks. 


Karina Rodarte/Tejano Tribune 

Beef fatayer with a serving of Kousha Meh'she 

and Tabbouleh



Most of the items listed contained a mouthful of syllables placed together, but thankfully the

words came with a descriptive subtext underneath.


The server brought our drinks and left us with the menus a little longer, seeing that we were having trouble deciding. It took a tad too long for him to return, but I waved at him to get his attention.


I had decided to try the Kousha Meh’she plate, served with green beans instead of rice for the Tabbouleh.


My companion opted for a  seemingly promising dish – the Spinach Fatayer that contains rice and green beans.


As we sat and enjoyed the Indian talk show displayed on a large screen via YouTube, I noticed a great deal of people walking in and ordering their food to-go rather than sitting down. 


Our food was delivered promptly and looked absolutely delicious.


My companion’s Spinach Fatayer turned out to be beef, it was apparent that the order had been misunderstood.


Nonetheless, the Beef Fatayer with two lightly breaded empanada-like beef-filled fritters proved to be equally delicious; they were served alongside a healthy portion of rice and tasty green beans.


The mix up was soon forgiven and forgotten as we enjoyed the perfect balance of breading to stuffing ratio dipped in the homemade Lebni – a yogurt sauced composed of lemon juice and blended cucumber. 


My Kousha Meh’she not only looked appealing, but was also appetizing. It came with two Spanish squash, stuffed with a freshly ground beef-rice mixture cooked in a savory tomato broth, green beans and Tabbouleh; it was a flavorful combination of diced parsley, tomato, cucumber, mint, minced onions and bulgur wheat.


Each bite was an eruption of spices and flavors working in perfect harmony. 


Overall, the meal turned out to be an enjoyable one.


It was very filling with hearty portions. 


The server stayed on top of our drink refills and checked on us to see how we were doing about three times, which I would say is the perfect amount – two being too few, four too many.


For the two of us, the cost was around $16 to $20.


A little pricey, but for the amount of food and flavor it seemed worth it. 


The restaurant is a bit out of the way for most people, but the trip up there is greatly rewarded.


Salma Farah’s is located at 4126 N Mesa St.


I would give it 4 out of 5 stars. 


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