Only white people can be revolutionary

November 5, 2014


Guest Column



Valeria Pizarro



Here in America, land of the free, always and forever, there is small lettering on everything.

There are things we are taught to accept or justify.


Surely you’ve heard someone explain to you why they’re racist and why that’s a good thing.


We are told that Americans have long fought for the freedom we cherish now.


The idea that everything is perfect is drilled in our heads from the first time we step into an American school.


This isn’t done violently, it’s done nicely from coloring books of revolutionary war scenes to pledging allegiance.


We follow the words written long ago by a bunch of racist men who were different kinds of bad people and we don’t even discuss it.


Only white people are allowed to be revolutionary.


When something concerns them, they can generally speak up and not have their protests raided by heavily armed police or their ideas mocked.


White people, generally enjoy the benefit of not having militarized police sent on them.


We, as people who aren’t white, don’t have the luxury of protesting whatever we feel like, even if it’s a real problem.


Books are banned and classes prohibited specifically in fear that we might get any revolutionary ideas.


Our protests are met by aggressive police who initiate violence and the headlines to these events read “Protesters Clash with Police”.


It doesn’t matter if our protest is peaceful. Cops will show up and not to protect us.


I’m saying this as a brown woman, so it’s important to note that for black people, things are much worse.


Non-white people are expected to grow tough and not complain, but when a white person has concerns, everyone has to reevaluate their morals.


When you tell a white person they are being racist, they get offended at being called such a thing.


As someone who lives a lot of systematic and institutional injustices, it’s detrimental to see that the general population believes that America is a nice place.


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