Why being religious is illogical

October 29, 2014

A Different Perspective




Jesús A. Rodríguez


“Why should I believe in God?”


is something everyone should ask.


That was a question I made before concluding that there isn’t a good reason to believe in any gods or religion.


Some say this is a topic that shouldn’t be discussed, but in my opinion it’s important to talk about it because it affects all of us.




Because the way you perceive reality is going to affect your behavior and your behavior is going to affect the world.


One of the main reasons I think more people should question him and his existence is why he decided to be invisible.


It seems stupid that he made the choice to play with his creation like that.


One can conclude that he said, “Ok, I’m going to create everything in this universe and have humans go under several ‘tests’ during their lifetimes and challenge their faith and demand adoration to me, but guess what?


I’m not even going to be visible or talk to them, ha ha ha, that’ll make it more fun.”


If anything, it should make you see him as a tyrannical and cruel God.


Some argue that following a religion gives you a sense of morality.


Who says you need religion to have morality?


I’m an atheist, but instead of believing in a totalitarian God, I believe in many things like love, friendship, sharing, family, honesty, not killing and stealing, etc.


I can’t understand the stigma attached to not declaring having an imaginary friend.


Why should I believe in a God who is disgusted with humans who don’t follow his rules and demands to be worshiped at all times or else you’ll be punished for eternity?


Others say that believing in God makes you feel good inside.


That’s when I can’t change your mind, and yes, religion makes many people feel better, but why is it that you need to have blind faith for something so irrational to feel well?


If you ask a religious person when they became truly religious, the vast majority of the time, they will say that it was after being in a low point in their lives.


God is a placebo – something that doesn’t do anything, but it’s designed merely to give you relief.


The universe is huge and can be terrifying.


We don’t know what happens when we die.


Awful things happen all the time and religion brings comfort to those ideas and that’s why many fall into the religion trap.


Yes, there’re are some good things that come from religion.


It’s a cute fantasy that calms people down and a concept that helps to control societies, but in general, the basic motive you should have for not believing in any religion or gods is the lack of decent reasons to do so.


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