Step inside God's comfort zone

October 29, 2014


Guest Column



George F. Stowe III



“Step outside your comfort zone!”


This is the same disingenuous phrase that I can recall being encouraged to participate in throughout my formative years, my competitive teens, my aspiring adolescence and in my adult life.


Even though it has its roots deeply embedded in well-meaning soil, the hopes of it ever producing enough inspirational nutrients to motivate mediocrity to a bountiful yield, it is a pretty tall order that couldn’t possibly be filled with those five words by themselves.


If truth be told, this nuisance of a phrase is most generally hurled at those who are perceived, to be lackluster in their pace towards bigger and better things for their lives.


The snake oil that is being sold to the motivationally disenfranchised can be purchased right outside of their place of comfort, guaranteeing the procrastinating patron a rewarding and fulfilling life, all for the mere asking price of risk, sacrifice and pain.


Imagine an existence where one’s comfort zone does not have to be left in order to enjoy a life that’s saturated with the daily recommended allowances of peace, joy, fulfillment and prosperity; sounds too splendiferous to be true?


Well, imagine no longer, because the inconceivable has already been made believable.


In this life nothing is for free, and even doing nothing comes with the hefty price tag, this seemingly unimaginable life has been made readily available because the prerequisites of the risk, sacrifice and pain have already been paid.


“But when the ‘Comforter’ is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceed from the Father, He shall testify of Me.”


Here in John 15:26, Jesus speaks about sending the Holy Spirit, to fill in for Him, as the role of a Comforter, until He returns.


Preserveing a believer’s optimism in the most pessimistic of times, their joy in grievous situations and keeping their only hope from drowning in the sea of hopelessness, was nothing short of masterful.


What the Lord has done by sending the Holy Spirit back in His stead, is create a “Comfort Zone” around all those who dare believe the infallible Word of God; and to step outside this zone of comfort would be to unnecessarily experience the risk, the sacrifice and the pain that Jesus came so obediently to pay.


Just like that popular credit card campaign suggests — the Holy Ghost, don’t leave home without it.


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