Gino's scores on taste and service

October 29, 2014

Staci Gass/Tejano Tribune 

Gino's Philly Cheesteak with fries.



Staci Gass



Far out on the East side of town, in the Montana Vista area, there is a small local restaurant; Gino’s Diner. You see their advertisements at all the local sporting events surrounding the area and I was excited to give it a try.


I was not disappointed.


As I walked into Gino’s Diner, I was seated graciously by a waitress at the bar next to the kitchen. 

Our drink orders were taken and menus were placed in front of us quickly and efficiently.


Before long, my father decided to order the Patty Melt with Tater Tots and I felt it was a Philly Cheesesteak and fries kind of day. 


Our drink orders were brought in and orders were placed.


As we waited for our food to arrive, my father and I took in the ambiance of this little diner.


Jukebox oldies played quietly from the surround sound speakers at the corners of the room. 


There were quite a few families dining and a couple of singletons.


The environment was not overly noisy or hectic: it was surprisingly calm for a busy day at a diner.


Before too long, our food was set before us.  



My dad stated that it was great and that he loved the mix of onions and cheese on top of the sirloin burger patty. He also liked his tater tots.  


As for my Philly Cheesesteak, I must say that it was delicious. 


The melted cheese over the thinly sliced steak mixed with green and red bell peppers and onions was heavenly.


The fixings were spread evenly over the hoagie bun making each bite equal to the next.


 The lightly seasoned fries were a great addition. 


The portion sizes of both plates were enough to feed my father and I a second time.


We asked for take-home containers, which our waitress brought quickly.  


In general, the experience was a great one. 


The service was fast and pleasant, the food was amazing and the overall ambiance was appealing to me.


I was also informed that they give a 15 percent student discount for those who show their ID. 


I have to give Gino’s Diner 5 out of 5 stars! 


Gino’s Diner is located at 4076 Desert Meadows Rd.

Staci Gass / Tejano Tribune

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