Faith in vampires restored

October 29, 2014


Lucas Evans plays Vlad the Impaler in Dracula Untold.



Luis Perez



I thought Dracula Untold was going to be another boring version of the famous vampire killing people with a hero character hunting him down and killing him, but it was not the case.


This movie surprised me in many ways. Beware that this review contains minor spoilers.


This movie reinvents Dracula in a new way we have never seen before.


Lucas Evans makes Vlad the Impaler come to life.


I really fell for him and agree with the decisions he makes in the movie.


The plot of the movie is good, but I feel like there could’ve more to it.


Mehmed II was supposed to be the main villain of the film, but the struggle Vlad has to keep himself from drinking human blood is more interesting than Mehmed.


One thing I love about this film is how badass Vlad can be. He charged at all those soldiers and took them head on. 


Also, when Vlad turns into a small bat it's pretty cool.


Rumor has it that director Gary Shore wanted to turn him into a full vampire, but keeping him human-like worked for me in this movie. 


In one scene, Vlad controls an army of bats to attack Mehmed and his army.


I don’t understand how he is able to do so.


Isn’t he just a vampire or is he some sort of bat master or something?


It’s still a pretty cool scene, but it would’ve been better for him to charge at the soldiers again since he could take them all. 


If Gary Shore had explained how he was able to control all those bats, the scene would have been more acceptable.   


This movie is decent, but it’s not perfect.


It has its good and bad moments, but when one character makes the ultimate sacrifice for the good of the people, you will feel for them and the story will take away your heart.


It even has a better love story than Twilight hope they make a sequel to this film.


I recommend this film to anyone.


Give it a try and it will surprise you and make you want to see it again.


Vampires will not be looked down by me anymore.


I give this film 3.5 out of 5 stars.  





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