Despite good suspense, Annabelle is possesed by awful acting

October 22, 2014






Shaun Valdez



From major plot holes to unbelievable circumstances, Annabelle did not deliver.


Annabelle is spin-off and the prequel of The Conjuring which was released in 2013.


The story is about a possessed doll that wreaks havoc in a young married couple’s life.


This film was mildly entertaining to say the least.


Gone are the days where filmmakers had minimal tools to produce the frightening effects we saw in horror films of the 1970s.


Annabelle had minor special effects and that is one area where it succeeded.


Although this movie is set in the early 60s, we’re shown nothing but characters dressed like Gap models and homes that are decorated by Crate and Barrel.


I absolutely felt like I was stuck in a really good J Crew commercial.


Actress Annabelle Wallis, portraying Mia, started out strong in this film and then just fell apart towards the end.


Ward Horton, who plays Mia’s husband, John, also has some brushing up to do on his acting skills. 


Both actors had an amazing chance to make this movie impactful but failed miserably because of their acting.


The only decent acting came from veteran actress Alfre Woodard, who played the concerned neighbor and bookstore owner, Evelyn.  


If you’ve seen Rosemary’s Baby you will definitely see some similarities in this film, especially the cinematography and the props; this film has Roman Polanski written all over it.


The couple lives in a somewhat high rise nicely furnished apartment, just like Rosemary’s Baby.


Ed and Lorraine Warren of Amityville unfortunately did not make an appearance in Annabelle.


 The supernatural exploring couple was only mentioned briefly. 


If you remember, the couple had a major role in The Conjuring but sadly had no part in this film.            

One good thing about this film is the suspense factor.


From the simple sound of a sewing machine to the whispering voices, the horror movie novice will definitely enjoy this film.


If you are a horror movie aficionado, then Annabelle is not for you.

I give Annabelle 2.5 stars out of 5. 


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