A taste of Vietnam in El Paso

October 22, 2014

Photos by Ilse A. Brito / Tejano Tribune




Ilse A. Brito



I’d never been to a Vietnamese food restaurant before and my expectations were met more than fine. Pho So Vietnamese Cuisine Restaurant is an excellent place to go and have a nice meal.


It was kind of a small place, but there’s enough space to eat and feel comfortable. 


They have a great variety of plates for everyone’s food tastes, but they should have more variety of prices because the prices were a little high. 


The interior was sophisticated and the ambient felt fancy.


The lights were a little dark, but it was still comfortable.


The appearance was aesthetically nice with wood furniture and tables.


I got to sneak in the kitchen a little bit, just to see how the employees worked as a team.


It surprised me that the chef was really nice and she had an incredible attitude while she was cooking, so maybe that was why the food was so good.


We needed to put on an apron and a tool to get the food; it was kind of different but in a good way. The waiting was really worth it because the waitress was really nice and totally patient, understanding that I didn’t know what to order and she recommended a few good plates.


 Pho So Vietnamese Cuisine Restaurant delicious plates.



Even though it was a little bit spicy, the Tai Chin Gan came with a good served rare steak, well done brisket, tendon and rice noodle.


Since I had company, I also got to taste my friend’s plate, the Bun Tom Thit Muong, Cha Gio, which came with a rice vermicelli with charbroiled pork and egg rolls.


My plate tasted better, I made a good choice, so Tai Chin Gan is highly recommended.


Nothing’s better than getting to taste something different and delicious, so don’t get into the routines because changes are always good.


The Pho So Vietnamese Cuisine Restaurant is located at 9501 Gateway W Blvd. Suite C.

I give it 4 stars out of 5.


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