Stevie Nicks releases her once lost songs

October 15, 2014

Jesús A. Rodríguez / Tejano Tribune

24 Karat Gold: Songs From the Vault (Deluxe Edition) comes with a photobook of never before seen photos of Stevie Nicks' personal collection.




Jesús A. Rodríguez



With its highs and lows, 24 Karat Gold: Songs From the Vault by Stevie Nicks is a great tribute to her fans and a well-built album that shows that the gold dust woman still has it; fine production rhymes with this album.


It’s composed mostly of demos that die-hard fans have known for years thanks to online bootleggers.


Nicks found them on YouTube and decided to re-record them and release them. 


The album kicks-off with the energetic and fast-paced Starshine.


Not a bad decision as album opener. It shows how great her voice still is after all these years.


The album then moves to the soft If You Were My Love, which probably has the best lyrics in the album.


It’s painfully slow most of the time, but turns fine when the drums kick in.


The original demo is superior.


Mabel Normand and the title track 24 Karat Gold seem to be homage for fans of Nicks’ first solo album, Bella Donna. Both are good-enough songs.


In between those lies Twisted, which was previously released for the soundtrack of the film Twister (1996).


This new version doesn’t disappoint; it’s actually one of my favorites of this record.


Belle Fleur has a cool instrumental intro, but as with most of the songs in the album, it’s way too long and repetitive.


Then the album impressed me with the 80s styled All the Beautiful Worlds; can’t say anything bad about this haunting tune. 


For some reason, every time Stevie sings only with piano as background music, is breathtaking; Lady is that song in this album.


I Don’t Care, Watch Chain, Hard Advise and Carousel didn’t do it for me.


There’s nothing particular to mention about these songs that don’t add anything special to the album.


I appreciate Blue Water because it’s loyal to the demo; both good songs.


The song that I found myself listening over and over again was the fresh and fantastic Cathouse Blues, which takes you back to the blues of the 1920s.


This is definetly my favorite in the album and one of the most unique songs Nicks has recorded, in my opinion. 

Near the end is also The Dealer; a song that I didn’t like at first but has now grown a lot on me and now I always sing along with it.


The album ends on a delicate note with She Loves Him Still. 


I think that this is not Nicks’ best work, but still stands as a good listen.


I specially loved the individuality of each song.


I give 24 Karat Gold: Songs From the Vault a generous 3 out of 5 stars.


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