Military may not be heroes

October 15, 2014


A Different Perspective 




Jesús A. Rodríguez



People should stop overusing the word “hero” every time they talk about members of the United States Armed Forces.


Why is it that being a pawn of one of the most tyrannical nations in the world considered heroic?


Call me anti-American, but helping with the invasion of every country where there’s a problem should be anti-American.


The United States is not the police of the world. Most people in the country have been brain-washed into believing that this is a great country that you should be defended.


Defending from what? They always say they’re “fighting for our freedom,” but I don’t feel protected.


They’re making things worse.


Helping invade multiple countries is only going to create more enemies that could potentially attack us. They’re not fighting terrorism, they’re the terrorists creating more terror.


I mean, what’s the point of having about 900 military bases in 148 countries around the world?


How would you feel if another country decided to put a 100 bases in the United States?


What’s also annoying is when they give you the argument that just because they’re wearing the uniform you should give them respect.


Ok, I’ll give you respect for being a mindless killing machine that only follows orders of an imperialistic nation.


Some might be in the military for the benefits, maybe to help their families. Is supporting your family and being part of a world-wide invasion heroic? 


You’ve got to always ask if they’re fighting for the righteous cause.


I don’t think the government ever asks the people if they want the country to go to war.


I think joining the cause of the imperialistic United States is like signing a contract with the false idea that you’re helping the world.


I just find it ridiculous that the work these individuals make is seen as the most prestigious in the country. What about farmers?


These guys feed us! What about professors?


They define the lives of thousands! What about construction workers?


They build the homes we live in!


Several readers will find this extremely offensive, which only proves my point about how brained-washed some Americans could be.


Yes, they give their “service” and could sacrifice their lives in the name of the country, but I can’t ignore the fact that they’re used by a country that wants to have control of every corner of the world.


Fighting a war doesn’t make you great. Fighting or working hard for a good cause makes you a hero.



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