Little seafood place with big atmosphere

October 15, 2014

Photos by STEPHANIE PHILlIPS / Tejano Tribune

Little Shack's small location and nautical inspired decorations live up to its name.



Stephanie Phillips



Little Shack sits in the middle of a strip mall parking lot taking up barely any space; walking inside doesn’t do much to dissuade that perception.


It has closely seated tables and the ceiling is lined with fishing net and random nautical inspired decorations.


I opted to sit outside to enjoy the nice weather and get a good view of the Franklin Mountains. 


The outdoor area is an enclosed patio with a wood-planked fence mimicking those you’d see walking along the beach.


My server was friendly, knowledgeable and brought out complimentary chips and salsa as I browsed the menu. 



Little Shack's Fish and Shrimp Tacos


The menu contains a few appetizers such as queso fundido along with sides and their signature tacos.


There isn’t a large variety to choose from, but there are a few vegetarian entrees as well as non-seafood ones.


I opted to go with one of each: steak, shrimp, fish and a Little Shack Taco.


All tacos come with corn tortillas, cabbage, diced jalapeño, red onion and diced tomato accompanied with cilantro and chipotle crème sauce.


When my meal arrived I noticed that the presentation was not the prettiest, but you can’t just judge a book by its cover.


My steak tacos were tender and flavorful, with plenty amount of steak.


The steak was well marinated and had a hint of spice. All veggies that accompanied my tacos tasted fresh.


Next, I had the fish taco which was a single lightly breaded fish fillet.


The flavor of the fish came through and melded well with the veggies, however, that’s where the praise ends.


There were only a few breaded shrimp in my taco and the flavor was lacking.


You normally would expect a strong seafood taste; all that came through was cabbage and tomato.


Lastly was the Little Shack Taco.


This is more of a mini shrimp quesadilla than a taco.


While this is definitely an original idea, I felt it was the most disappointing of the four.


There wasn’t a distinctive flavor and the abundance of cheese caused it to be too greasy.


As a redeeming quality, Little Shack creates amazing Clamatos.


The atmosphere of Little Shack is worth seeing, there’s nothing like it in El Paso, but if you are looking for quality seafood I suggest going someplace else.


Little Shack is located at 5360 N Mesa. I give it  2.5 out of 5 stars.


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