Are video games making children violent?

October 15, 2014


Guest Column



Luis Perez



This is something I know firsthand: some video games can make children violent. Key word: Some, not all.


The event that made people think video games make children violent was the Columbine High School shooting. 


After investigations of the attack were made, government officials saw that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the perpetrators of the attack, had played countless hours of the video game DOOM. 


The violent game was a hit at the time and was known for its blood and gore. Rumor has it that both Harris and Klebold made a level that was similar to the layout of Columbine high school to practice for their attack. Since then, video games have been in question. 


Many would think that a person who plays video games would disagree with this.


I disagree with it because most studies are made by people who don’t play video games and don’t enjoy them. Yet, I know that this can affect a child.


I grew up playing many violent video games without my parents knowing.


It did have an effect on my life and I am just glad that I got caught and was removed from them since it made me a better person.


Still, many people fight this with no information.


Does a cooking game make you a cook? No it does not.


Does a racing game make you a professional race car driver?


No it does not.


Why would a shooting game make you a professional killer?


I know video games do affect a child, but how would these children get guns to cause a shooting?


That’s the one question people sometime forget to ask themselves.


Parents who don’t pay attention to their children hurt their lives. 


It makes them feel unwanted and can cause them to feel lonely in life and feel lost.


These parents are already irresponsible, so if a parent has a gun in the house it would make it much worse.


I know that if you have a fire arm at home, you must have a license and proper training, but that won’t stop children from getting their hands on them. 


Parents need to be more active in their children’s life and could help avoid these tragedies.


I am glad my parents caught me playing violent video games. It set me on the right path and showed me they cared for me. 


As I said, some video games can make children violent, but that’s doesn’t mean all video games do.


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