alt-J's new album changes tempo

October 8, 2014


This Is All Yours was recorded without bassist Gwil Sainsbury, who left the band at the beginning of the year.



Stephanie Phillips



As a follow up to An Awesome Wave, British indie rock band alt-J released This Is All Yours on Sept. 22. They took a step away from their erratic style of storytelling and embraced a more traditional form of music.


Recorded without their bassist Gwil Sainsbury, who left amicably in the beginning of this year, alt-J opens up with their signature song Intro, but that’s where any similarities between the albums stop.


This Is All Yours is much more radio friendly and understandable, which is not necessarily a bad thing. However, gone are the ambiguous sounding alt-rock tunes we have become accustomed to.


The song Left Hand Free is a classic rock influenced tune with a catchy hook and an upbeat tempo.


This song has a repetitive hook and that instantly made me want to dance around.


There is also a nod to contemporary pop songs.


Miley Cyrus’ “I’m a female rebel” lyric is sampled briefly on the track.


One has to smile a bit when making the connection.


Hunger of the Pine is my favorite song from the album.


Drum loops are reminiscent of Radiohead, while horns playing in the background add an unexpected touch.


This is All Yours shows the band's impressive versatile style, something that may not be appreciated by die-hard fans.


Warm Foothills, featuring chopped-up vocals from singer Conor Oberst seemed out of place and reminded me of a lullaby.


It is commendable for a band to step away from their own style and put out an album that is still so distinctly their own.


Horns lace through nearly every track tying the album together and lead vocalist Joe Newmans unmistakable voice pulls you in and begs you to pay attention to the lyrics of each song.


The bonus track on the album, Lovely Day, is a Bill Withers cover.


I felt it was a great take on the classic R&B song.


This is All Yours takes the listener on a journey, blurring the lines between electronic and folk rock and leaves you wanting more.


I give This is All Yours 4 out of 5 stars.


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