Super Smash Bros. to become 3DS legend in the first round

October 8, 2014


Super Smash Bros. for 3DS has the all-star lineup of Nintendo characters.




Luis Perez


Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, one of the most anticipated games of 2014, it’s finally here. Two words: Simply amazing.


The box says it all; fight anytime and anywhere with the all-star lineup of Nintendo characters with some special guest.


My first goal was to unlock all characters to get a feel from each one.


It comes to no surprise that Link and Toon Link are my favorite characters to play with.


They each have a good move sets and are perfect for novice, intermediate or expert players to use.

One character I did struggle to use was newcomer Mega Man.


I have played past Super Smash Bros games, but I am no expert.


His move set is good, but you need to time everything perfectly to get good hits in.


Another character that was hard to use was Charizard. Back in Super Smash Bros. Brawl his moves where limited since he was paired up with Squirtle and Ivysaur in one single character slot.


I believed he would have more move since he was by himself in this game, but aside from one or two new moves, he was the same.


However, this is all made up for when he turns into Mega Charizard X when you obtain the smash ball.


The stages featured in this game are perfect. Classic stages from all past games are included.


Getting to play Corneria from the Star Fox universe is a blast.


I am also amazed with the new Unova Pokémon League stage, which features some awesome Pokémon and stage movements.


The one stage I have mixed feelings for is Rainbow Road. In every Mario Kart game, this was and will forever be a player’s worst nightmare.


This game is no different, the platform constantly moves and it’s hard to concentrate on the fighting with the bright colors of the road itself.


The stage that all players love to use is Final Destination.


Plain and simple, you and your opponent fight to see who the best is.


The one thing I love is the items, said no player ever.


There are items we love, but then there are those items that are too good to be used.


The Gust Bellows is too good; this can give a novice player and unfair advantage against an expert player.


The opponent will not be able to play against the guy using the Gust Bellows.

This game has its up and downs, but this game need Snake as playable character.


I hope he comes out as a DLC.


I love this game; the bad stuff is made up for with the good stuff.


I will be more than happy to recommend this game to anyone. Super Smash Bros.


for Nintendo 3DS is the perfect game.


I give this game 5 out 5 stars.


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