Is true altruism even possible?

October 8, 2014


A Different Perspective 


Jesús A. Rodríguez


The Christian God is supposedly entirely good and selfless, but in the end

he always asks to be loved and that he should be the center of attention just because he created us, if not,there will be consequences.


Is that altruism?


Altruism is defined as the belief or practice of disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others.


In my opinion, it’s hard for a human to commit an act of real altruism.


We all know someone who is generous, kind,gentle, honest, giving, etc.


We conceptualize these people as “good” and most of the time we see them as role models.


But should we?


I think the question we should ask ourselves is if these people are truly altruistic, if humans in fact

can even perform a pure act of altruism.


I think that most apparent acts of altruism are driven by self-interest.


Sometimes it’s evident,sometimes it’s subtle.


Maybe an “altruistic” person acted to feel better about himself, to give everyone the impression that he is a good human being,to increase the respect that others have for him oreven to increase his chances of ending up in heaven.


Everyone has to realize every human action is done with a purpose.


If there’s really pure altruism, it’s extremely rare.


But it’s easier to find fake acts of altruism.


We always get something in return.


There is always some kind of reward, especially a mental reward.


A notable example of this could people that help charities in some way.


There is personal gain if they help others just to feel better and more significant, then, the whole

idea of being “altruistic”is gone.


It gets worse when they can’t stop talking about how they helped someone.


They’re basically trying to tell you that they are“good” human beings.


Do altruists have to show off that they are generous?


Basically, self-interest motivations affect your behavior.


You may wonder why most people are not killing and stealing others?


Well, maybe because our subconscious is telling us that we might end up in jail or in hell.


But what the heck, if you help someone, even if it is for personal gain and you’re not harming

anybody, that means you are helping a larger number of people, others and yourself.


The thing is that even if it is self-interest,it makes society work for the greater good.


What’s wrong with that?

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