Hana Banana's location and service are a sweet deal

October 8, 2014


Homemade Waffle Special, topped with mango, kiwi, whip cream and strawberry syrup.




Lesley Gozalez


If you happen to be at the Fountains at Farah and have a sweet tooth, Hana Banana is a choice for delicious sweets in El Paso.


A couple of friends and I decided to stop by Hana Banana. The bright light along with the pretty ceiling decorated with birds and nests matched the sweets perfectly.


Not being sure on what to order, the friendly cashier walked us through the different items and explained the menu.


Hana Banana offers various types of banana shakes, crepes, honey tea, organic coffee and last, but not least, waffles.


My choice was the C19 Double Sweet under the Crepe Special, consisting of a crepe filled with Blue Bell vanilla ice cream, a piece of cheesecake, whip cream and mango syrup.


The cheesecake in the crepe was not the best combination, or at least not my kind of blend.


The cheesecake was too thick and made the crepe overly sweet. I was not able to finish it due to its extreme sugar overload.


On the flip side, the ice cream and mango syrup was a good combination.


Also on the menu was the Waffle Special.


Topped with sweet, fresh cut mango, kiwi, whip cream on the side, a scoop of Blue Bell coffee ice cream and strawberry syrup.


The waffle was deliciously warm with a thick texture; unlike normal waffles, which are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.


Also under the Crepe Special was the C11 Fruit Paradise.


It contained Blue Bell coffee ice cream, whip cream, strawberries and kiwi. The coffee ice cream and fruit had a great taste.


The Fruit Paradise Crepe was good, but it could have been better without the whip cream or substituting the whip cream, perhaps with cream cheese.


What I loved about Hana Banana was the location.


You can enjoy your dessert indoors or outdoors. You have the choice of sitting on a bench or on grass at the outdoor tables.


You could take a walk while eating since many of the crepes they sell are wrapped in a paper cone.


Hana Banana is located at 8889 Gateway Blvd W. in the Fountains at Farah lower level.


I give Hana Banana a 3.5 out of 5 stars for their good service, great location and their exquisite Waffle Special


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