A problem of the 21st century: Online privacy

October 8, 2014


Guest Column


Alejandra Ruiz



In the recent years, technology has become an important tool for everybody and it has developed many media and physical corporations.


We are getting into a new era where everybody uses a computer or a phone for almost everything. This new development also has brought more knowledge for people, but this is not always a good thing.


With the increasing grow of apps like Facebook or SkyDrive, our privacy is always exposed. For example, if you like something on Facebook, a company or page you will put advertisement about it in your timeline.


Somehow your IP address saves all the stuff that you see, buy or like around the network, so companies would send you advertisement similar to the kind of things you are watching, creepy, uh?


But I don’t know what is creepier, that or that your personal information (like the one you provide in Facebook) can be sold to anyone around the world.


It has been said that hackers have a lot to deal with people’s privacy. Recently, Jennifer Lawrence private photos were hacked and published and Emma Watson was asked to pay a certain amount of money or her private photos would be published.


According to recent news, the same company of hackers created a page called emmayouarethenext.com, where the private photos of the actress would be published, but at the end of the day everything resulted to be a farce. 


I think there should be stricter laws against exposing people’s privacy.


No matter if it is a multi-millionaire company like Google, Facebook or a homeless hacker.


It’s really hard to believe that this may be implemented, for the reason that many people don’t even know or care about this.


No one is going to stop of using Facebook or Google because their information is being exposed. 

Even when I know this, I wouldn’t do it either, because we are so addicted that we prefer being hacked than stop using our social pages.


Back in time, when we didn’t have that much technology, what we used to do besides having privacy? Can anyone tell? Because I really don’t remember. 


I would like to say that this may change one day, but I feel that is not, because we become more stupid and addicted every day.


Is this reason enough for not having any law?


Does everyone have the right of privacy according to the constitution? Because I really don’t feel like we do.


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