The Maze Runner should stay lost

October 1, 2014


One thing the movie failed to explain was why the kids were in the maze.



Luis Perez


This review contains minor spoilers.


Hater’s gonna hate, but The Maze Runner is a terrible movie.


The main plot of the movie is simple and dull.


Thomas, the main character, is placed inside a maze with a group people and has to work with them to escape.


Personally, I think Thomas is plain old stupid.


He makes stupid decisions that not only risk his life, but the lives of the other members in the group.


He also does feats not ordinary person could do or would even think about doing. How is this boy still alive? 


There are only two characters in this film that are realistic, Gally and Newt.


Gally does not trust Thomas and thinks for the sake of the group.


Even though he is nuts, I would rather be safe than sorry. 


The person that should have been the main character is Newt. He makes smart decisions and thinks with his head before acting. 


The film is also a very predictable.


I predicted one of the main characters would die to give the film an emotional moment. 


One thing the movie failed to explain was why the kids were even in the maze.


I felt like they forgot to write a good explanation for that while writing the script and decided to throw some last minute idea into the movie. 


I have never read the book version and I am one hundred percent sure they could have made changes to it. One thing I would change is the adding of Teresa into this film.


The only reason they added her was to get more female audiences and to get the attention of young teenage boys.


The film didn’t need that character. 


Director Wes Ball needs to find a better creative team. I would not recommend this film to anyone. Save your money.


The only people that might enjoy this movie are those who have read the book.  


I have seen some bad movies in my life; this might be the worst one.


I give this The Maze Runner 1 out of 5 stars.

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