Take from the rich, give to the useless

October 1, 2014


Guest Column


Luis Rodríguez


Yet again I found myself in one of those opinionated, intellectual and inebriated talks with my friends.


The topic of the night: How business men and their huge corporations do more harm than good.


I don’t see how one could take such a stand. They are a necessity to the growth and development of any country.


To many, this would be the ideal world. Some place where money is not an issue. This is not my case. 


I simply prefer to live the way we do.


Without these hated corporations, we would be exchanging crops, cattle and sheep.

If I need milk at 3 a.m., I want to be able to go and get milk at 3 a.m.


Large corporations make this possible.


No mom-and-pop shop is open that late and do not even think I’m going to get up at 3 a.m. to milk a cow.


“We should have a lot more small businesses,” said one of my friends.


Yes, that would be great, but it would be both: more expensive for the consumer and of less profit for the small-business owner.


“Take from the rich and give to the poor,” is something that has been heard for centuries. This to me is so egocentric and useless. 


Egocentric in the way that being poor in this country is an option.


Work hard, and then work harder, and you could become someone.


For example, we have plenty of government assistance programs (the “rich”) that get abused instead of being used to get out of the rut you are in.


There are parasites that have no intention of getting off of these programs.


Instead, they work less or try to cheat the system to feed off from them for as long as possible.


“Take from the rich and give to the poor.” Useless I tell you! Doing this is just leading us to the same vicious cycle where the abusive “poor” will keep misusing the assistance and never make any attempts to improve their situation.


How do these big corporations help?


They provide jobs to millions of people.


Granted, salary is not the best and benefits might be scarce, but it’s a decent job and often times offer opportunities for advancement. 


Do not get me wrong, I love locally-owned places like Tom’s Folk Café and Five Points Bistro. 


They are a great option when I want a good bite, but that’s what they are, an option; and usually a more expensive one.



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