Latter-day duo releases jazzy and tender album

October 1, 2014


Cheek to Cheek is an example of old music reincarnated.


Stephanie Guzman



Extravagant pop star Lady Gaga released on Sept. 23 the outstanding Cheek to Cheek, a duo album with the legend of jazz music Tony Bennett.


A lot of criticism has always surrounded Lady Gaga, however, that did not stop Tony Bennett from doing a jazz album with her.


This album opens with the song Anything Goes that in particular made me dance, because it is catchy and even though it sounds like a Christmas song, I still liked it.


Gaga and Bennett were born 60 years apart from each other, but that didn’t interfere or made any difference on the quality of the album.


It is surprising how after many years, the gentleman of jazz, Tony Bennett, keeps singing youthfully. 


The song that surprised me the most was Lush Life, only performed by Lady Gaga. One can appreciate how beautiful Gaga’s voice is in this song. 


This demonstrates that she is a great performer and to make it greater, the piano sounds fantastic. This song just gives the feeling of relief and relaxation. 


A more catchy song from this amazing album is It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing). When I listened to it, I immediately started to dance. 


The saxophone and double bass are brilliant in this piece; this song fulfilled my body with happiness. 


Cheek to Cheek demonstrates that Lady Gaga has a real talent behind her craziness. She was almost at the same level of Tony, with 17 Grammy awards that back his career, compared with Gaga with only five.


Firefly is another beautiful piece from this album.


This song took me back to the jazz era and it is because this song in particular has that call and response pattern that is classic in jazz music.


I think that this generation needs more music like this.


We need more old-school music. We need to get back to the roots of music and find the beauty of played instruments again. 


This album is a great example of old music being reincarnated and how great it is.


I liked that Gaga took the challenge and how eventually she challenged others by demonstrating how great of a singer she can be. 


Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett did a fantastic job in this album. It made me feel alive and thankful for everything that life offers.


I would give Cheek to Cheek 4 out of 5 stars.


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